A Noble Heritage- A New Rottweiler Video Coming soon to DVD

A look at Rottweiler history beginning with International Champion Ives Eulenspiegel, who has produced some of the best dogs the world has seen.

Numerous interviews with handlers,judges, and breeders such as Eckart Salquist of Jenecks Rottweilers and Violet Wales of Victorhaus Rottweilers. Also interviewed are Joe Hedl, Skip Bittner and more..

See photos of some of the great ones gone ahead such as Nero,Ives, Oleo and Doc. Watch protection tournaments, see a Sieger show and lets not forget a salute to some incredible Rottweiler bitches.


Order now, contact Distinct Features at The Parking Lot 66 Muriel Street, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1S 4E1. Fax us at 613-565-9164,phone us at 613-565-7254 or e-mail purchase@distinctfeatures.com or go to http:www.distinctfeatures.com/shop.htm

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