V1 Canadian Champion Tara von Kayla OFA Good

                                       Igor von Schauer(WB678882)
                       Ch. Northwinds Ingo CD(GJ2499)
                                       Ch. Northwinds Danka CD(853120)
            Edel von Kayla
                                       Ch. Ero von der Mauth CD (963553)
                       Ch. My Liberated Lady (JX51340)
                                       Ch. Graals Brikka of Northwind(FJ56043)
V1 Canadian Champion Tara von Kayla 
                                       Arras vom Kohlerwald(WD210101)
                       Ch. Cantiss Nibi CD (HC45353)
                                       Ch. Don Ari's Brigitte CD(FG7376)
            Kondo von Konigsberg(PY337064)
                                       Ch OTCH Dasso v Geeren(SWI) 971335
                       Arla Zuzi von Aragoss(MG85808)
                                       Ch.OTCH Daraga Z Velke Hane(CZE) 980457

In Loving Memory of Tara 18.11.86-12.04.01

This is the grand old dam of our kennels. Tara is now over 14 years old and still thinks she's a youngster at times. She loves to chase Vena and still taunts the other dogs. Tara's lines come from Pat Hickman Clarks old Northwinds lines. Longevity runs in her lines as witnessed by the fact that her great grandmother, Brikka, was 17-18 years old before passing on. Tara's grandmother was 15 and her mother was 13 before going over Rainbow Bridge. Tara still has a perfect scissor bite at 14. Her face is starting to show her age but there is still a twinkle in those eyes if you ask her to go for a walk.

I think Tara was waiting around to raise the next pup that arrived and teach them all her bad habits.Her favourite one was trying to dig to China from the back yard. She left us Easter week-end and our biggest fear was if we had put her to sleep on Friday I wouldn't have been surprised to see her running around the yard on Sunday.

Stay tuned and surf out to some of her kids sites

Some of Tara's and Bailey girls

V3 Am/Can/UKC Ch. Kuys Scarlet vom Victorhaus CGC,TT: One of Tara's daughters
Victorhaus' Czarina OFA Good, vwd-, thyroid normal: Another Tara daughter
V1 Am.Ch. Vitahaus Amalgamation CDX,BH,CGC,'98 USRC NE Youth Siegerin: Out of V2 Hot Sands Bolero CDX
A Noble Heritage- The Video by Distinct Features: An exciting new video promoting sieger shows and packed full of information on famous rottweilers past and present

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