Canadian Champion Victorhaus' Carl Luger OFA Good, Eyes Cerf'd, Thyroid Normal, VwD-

      ( Am/Can CH Victorhaus' Noble Heritage x V1 Can Ch Tara von Kayla)


                                     Ives Eulenspiegel
                               Dasko vom Remchingen Sch1
                                     Issa vom Reichenbachle
                   Am/Can Ch. Victorhaus' Noble Heritage
                                     Dasko vom Remchingen Sch1
                               Stonecreeks I'm Finally
                                     Gigi's Greta Doll of Weslan
Can.Ch Victorhaus'Carl Luger
                                      Ch. Northwinds Ingo CD
                               Edel von Kayla
                                      Ch. My Liberated Lady
                   V1 Can Ch. Tara von Kayla
                                       Ch. Don Ari's Brigitte
                               Kondo von Konigsberg
                                       Ch.OTCH. Dasso v Geeren

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Multi Youth Sieger Ians Image of Ives CGC: A Bailey son thats quite the clown
V1 Can.Ch. Tara von Kayla: Follow Tara and she links to her daughters and a few more Bailey girls as well
A Noble Heritage- A Distinct Features Production: An exciting new video for the all to enjoy touching on many of the great dogs of the past and present
Victorhaus Show Shots: A few very nice wins under respected judges like Dany Canino

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