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Victorhaus' Czarina OFA Good, Thyroid Normal, VwD -


                               Ch. Northwinds Ingo CD
                       Edel von Kayla
                               Ch. My Liberated Lady
            V1 Can. Ch. Tara von Kayla
                               Ch.Cantiss Nibi CD
                       Kondo von Konigsberg
                               Arla Zuzi von Aragoss
Victorhaus' Czarina 
                               Issa vom Reichenbachle
                       Dasko vom Remchingen Sch1
                               Ives Eulenspiegel
            Am/Can Ch. Victorhaus Noble Heritage
                         Dasko vom Remchingen Sch1
                       Stonecreeks I'm Finally
                         Gigi's Greta Doll of Weslan

Housatonic Rottweiler Club

5 1/2 year old female, large and alert, strong head,ears could be tighter to head. Dark brown eyes, dark mouth pigment,strong neck,straight back,correct angulation. Very good depth and width of chest,good front.Very good coat, markings could be darker, Very good movement,scissor bite.

Thank you Hans Krings for this critique. For us, Czara is the runt of the kennels!! She OFA'd Good at 66 months of age.

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