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AKC Certified Pedigree of Victorhaus' Noble Heritage


                               Astor vom Landgraben(ADRK 46239)
                 Ives Eulenspiegel(ADRK 48232)
                               Dina vom Kaiserberg(ADRK 44235)
           Dasko von Remchingen(WF753402 5-86)
                               Hektor V Kleinen Born(ADRK 44788)
                 Issa vom Reichenbachle(ADRK 49525)
                               Dixi V Reichenbachle(ADRK 45671)

Am/Can Ch. Victorhaus'Noble Heritage(WP435832/05)OFA27G

                               Ives Eulenspiegel(ADRK 48232)
                  Dasko von Remchingen(WF753402 5-86) OFA62
                               Issa vom reichenbachle(ADRK 49525)
           Stonecreeks I'm Finally(WP265949/01 2-93
                               Brando vom Dattelner Hof(WF325754 6-83) OFA52
                  Gigi's Greta Doll of Weslan(WF873693 8-87
                               Bigi vom Dorf(WF330702 9-83)

Ives and Izzy's Pedigree

                                    Chris vom Obergrombacher Schloss(ADRK 66734)
                  Ivo vom Moritzberg(WG510001 11-91) OFA24
                                    Imme vom Hause Miles(ADRK 68948)
          Ians Byadya vom Ivo(WP393483/04)
                                    Ians Konan of Karamu(WF368414 1-86) OFA25
                  Britta vom Diamond Acre(WG390683 11-91) OFA RO29125G
                                    Ians Desah Kirah of Sharwin(WF788317 2-89) OFA24G

   Ians Image of Ives/Ians Izzyah vom Victorhaus

                                    Ives Eulenspeigel(ADRK 48232)
                 Dasko von Remchingen (WF753402 5-86) OFA62      
                                    Issa vom Reichenbachle(ADRK 49525)
     Am/Can.Ch.Victorhaus' Noble Heritage(WP435832/05)
                                    Dasko von Remchingen(WF753402 5-86)OFA62
                 Stonecreeks I'm Finally(WP265949/01 2-93)
                                    Gigi's Greta Doll of Weslan(WF873693 8-87)

Our Foundation Lineage

The pedigrees listed above are what Victorhaus Rottweilers are based on.Czara and Cacha both OFA'd Good at 66 months of age. This was Bailey's first litter and the entire litter passed OFA. As you can see, Bailey is a Dasko von Remchingen son. He was also inbred on this, giving him an inbreeding co-efficient of 40% direct genetic influence of Ives Eulenspiegel. We feel that this is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, you will find anywhere in the world. Dasko was the result of a repeat breeding that produced Berno Von Remchingen. As far as we can tell, Baileys litter was one of the last litters Dasko produced. Dasko lived to be 13 years old before going to Rainbow bridge. One of his son's, Mussolini, was still putting litters on the ground at 13 years of age.

Feel free to call us and stop and chat a while. I will be putting up Czara's, Lugers and Cacha's pedigree shortly. It is from the old Northwind lines of Pat Hickman Clark.

Thanks you for stopping by and stay tuned as more Bailey kids go on-line


Violet Wales
phone 613-489-0316
Kars, Ontario K0A 2E0

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